Looking back at the 55 territories sold since the launch of DIGI-SPORTS early 2018 to 44 different partners, we can but notice the diverse profile of each one of them.  

They include a young graduate in his twenties who wants to run his business, seasoned executives transitioning from the corporate world to being their own bosses, to event professionals looking for a new product/service to expand their current offering in an innovative way. So we reach a variety of people coming from all walks of life ! 

It is our experience not only in France where we originated but also in such countries as Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Israel, and the UAE. That is a testament to the accessibility to our concept no matter your gender, age, background or culture.

We have better success when a team of two is running the business ; one shows commercial expertise and effectiveness while the other is a true operational actor. Each build on its strengths to deliver the best experience for their clients. It is very comforting for them to know they can rely on one another.

Rather than a specific profile, our experience points to a set of qualities : organisation, attitude and drive. Display of those qualities are key factors of success ! Top performers are all first and foremost able to convert leads into sales. You would probably find them to be extravert, gregarious, and well organised.  Having a good network in sports, associations and community centres gives them an edge especially at the beginning. Likewise, it helps having run activities with children and adults.

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