Very much like a swiss army knife, the interactive wall is much more than a single use piece of equipment.

DIGI-SPORTS® is one product, yet offers multiple applications :

Showcase your brand with the branding option : customising the side panels to your company, your club, or your partners’ signature colour scheme. Showcase them, give them the exposure necessary to generate traffic and brand awareness.

Make it a competition. To make it fun and challenging, have a battle between participants. They will be energised by the excitement of pushing themselves. Live scores are displayed on a score board, with participants begging to take part again, wanting to improve their score. That is the perfect time to hand out samples/promotional items to not only thanks them for their patronage, but also build back the relationship lost due to COVID.

Collect data : as a side kick, take advantage of the competition to know more about those taking part (phone number and/or email). On the following days, you may want to start an individual and targeted conversation with each of them.

Draw crowds : Bring together, attract all sorts of people around your event thanks to our solution. Organising an official game with a £2,000 prize as an example is sure to attract a huge crowd. Free participation, the game last one minute and everyone can win !!

              As seen time and time again, DIGI-SPORTS® attracts, entertains, and brings participants and spectators around our interactive wall. It becomes your indispensable tool. Adaptable and simple to operate, it give you much flexibility to run fun activities in a safe environment in line with U.K. government rules.

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