Internationalization of the concept and new website:

DIGI-SPORTS has grown significantly between 2018 and 2020 getting over 50 partners to join the network in just 18 months. That made us very busy at head office scaling up recruitment (participating to Franchise Shows, meeting potential partners), as well as on-boarding new partners (training and launch).

From 2020, with France pretty much covered, our activity shifted gradually towards international expansion, opportunistic at first in such countries as Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, UAE and Morocco.  Today, our approach to international growth is strategic in nature with key markets selected ; they are Eastern Canada, the U.K., Germany and the Netherland.

The implication has been enormous with localisation of the concept to market specificities at a regional level. The visible part of this iceberg is the translation of all our communication material.

We are now engaged into getting our equipment in each market the mist of the many restrictions linked to the pandemic. Weekly, we are monitoring closely the situation in each target markets.

It is crucial to be ready for when restrictions are lifted and activities resume. We are absolutely convinced that people will want to meet again and have fun together. DIGI-SPORTS is perfectly positioned to fulfil that aspiration.

With the launch of our new website we are actively engaged in finding new partners to deliver the experience locally. We provide valuable information on our concept, latest news and the opportunity to build relationships. The site serves as a gateway to other social media where we feature our activities (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). It speaks to a wide audience of professionals wanting to run their own business.

With this website, everyone can access relevant information and start the journey of discovery of our brand in their own language. We invite you to visit usand share your commentswhich we will take into consideration as we proceed to regular reviews and updates.

Reach us through the “contact page to discuss how you can bring smiles on faces with DIGI-SPORTS in your area !

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